Studying medicine abroad is a real dream for many aspiring Brazilian doctors. But believe me: the health area is one of the most popular areas globally, making the selection in other destinations as rigorous as in Brazil.

Therefore, before studying medicine abroad, it is necessary to know the rules of the course and the practice of the profession in each country. After all, both the selection process and the limitation of places for international students can vary.

In the United States, for example, the medical course is considered a graduate degree. This means that to train as a doctor in the country, a student must first complete the four years of a bachelor’s degree in a related area and then start another four years of medical school. In this text, we explain more about the medical course in the USA. Check out!


Before explaining how Med Schools work in the United States, let’s talk about the process before entering medical school. Above, we explained that the medical course in the USA is considered a post-graduate course and that, therefore, the student must, obligatorily, graduate before applying for the Med School selection process. 

The aspiring doctor must also take some specific subjects in the area during graduation, the so-called Pre-Med. If the curriculum of the chosen course does not offer these mandatory subjects, the student can take the Pre-Med in parallel with graduation.


With Pre-Med, the student has the opportunity to attend an undergraduate course in the area of ​​their choice and, at the same time, prepare for the selection process at medical schools in the USA, taking the mandatory subjects for the course, such as chemistry and biochemistry, for example.

The introductory courses considered essentially Pre-Med also include volunteer service, clinical experience, career counseling, and offering research and preparation opportunities for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This test is part of the Med Schools selection process.


Going to college in the US is the first step for anyone studying medicine in the country. After all, graduation is essential for candidacy and subsequent admission to an American medical school.

There is no specific graduation course for those who want to start the Med Schools selection process. However, the student must complete the required Pre-Med subjects during graduation.

The selection process of medical schools in the USA is similar to the selection process of American universities. Thus, the student’s GPA, letters of recommendation, essays, and, mainly, the grade achieved in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) can be considered in the process.

In general, the medical course lasts four years and, only after passing through the Med School, the future doctor can start residency in the country, which can last between three and seven years. Check out a timeline of the medical course in the United States below:

Brazilian students must prepare for a long professional training process and the limitation of places for international students in public universities when studying medicine in the United States. Despite granting temporary work permits after completing the program in the US through the OPT, when returning to Brazil, the student will need to go through the diploma revalidation process to practice the profession.