New Delhi: ISRO invites applications for free online certificate courses in Machine Learning, Web GIS Technology, and Earth Observation for Carbon Cycle Studies conducted by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS). Each course has a different tenure varying from 4 to 12 days each. The Indian Space Research Organisation courses will also allow the participants to interact and learn from reputed scientists working in India’s space research organization. Students pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to working professionals, anyone can participate in the course. 

Machine learning to Deep Learning: A journey for remote sensing data classification

This short course is designed for professionals working in remote sensing data processing in different applications. The applicants are extracting a specific class of interest, and further want to learn fuzzy machine/deep learning concepts. The course is scheduled to start from July 5, 2021, till July 9, 2021, from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm per day.

In the course, one will learn about

  • remote sensing and its sensor of various resolutions,
  • radiometry, and geometric correction and basic understanding of image,
  • basic classifier to machine learning,
  • methods in machine learning,
  • fuzzy-based machine learning with application in Temporal data processing
  • Network-based learning algorithms

Earth Observation for Carbon Cycle Studies

This course is designed for professionals from Central / State Govt. / Private Organizations / NGO/ students & researchers engaged in Earth observations aspects, carbon modeling, Carbon assessment using RS & GIS. The 5-day free online course is scheduled to start from June 21, 2021, till June 25, 2021, from 11:00, am to 12:30 pm. Dr. N.R. Patel, Scientist-SG, IIRS, Dr. Sarnam Singh, Former Dean (A), IIRS, and Dr. Suresh Kumar, Scientist-SG & Group Head, ASD, IIRS, will be conducting the course.

In the course, one will learn about

  • Role of EO in Carbon Cycle Assessment: Status, Challenges, and Issues
  • Measuring Ecosystem Carbon Exchange: Observational network, Instrumentation and advanced sensors
  • Up-scaling and Modeling of Carbon fluxes: Remote Sensing and Process-based modeling
  • Earth Observation and its role in Vegetation Carbon Pool Assessment
  • Earth Observation and its role in Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Assessment

Overview of Web GIS technology

From an introduction to details, this 12-day course on Web GIS Technology will offer the interested candidates insight into the various aspect of GIS technology. The 10-day course is scheduled to start from June 21, 2021, till July 2, 2021.

The course is open for all and will offer

  • Introduction to Client-server systems, Internet and Web GIS technology
  • Introduction to HTML and Javascript
  • Introduction of Database Management System- SQL Queries and Data visualization including PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • Spatial SQL and Geo-visualizationQGIS and Web.
  • OGC Web Services and Data publishing using Geoserver
  • Hand-on Experiment on GeoserverSLD, WMS, WFS, WCS, and other Geo-web services
  • Web Mapping APIs
  • Development of Web GIS applications using Mashup architecture
  • Web GIS applications for Governance