If you’re interested in boosting your value as a prospective employee, an online certification course is a great way to do it. The potential advantages include access to an increased salary, greater job security, and wider networking opportunities. Knowing more about your certification options can help you make more informed course choices. This article explains what online certificates are, how to use them in the workplace and includes a list of top certificate courses.
What are online certificate courses?

An online certification course is a skill-specific class taught via the internet to advance your career. Improving your resume with course certifications can often lead to higher salaried positions. By expanding your skills, you make yourself more marketable to a wider variety of industries and positions. Adding an online certification can even make you a candidate for a promotion within your company as well.

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Benefits of pursuing online certification courses

The advantages of online course learning are growing every day. Certificate programs are often more cost-effective than traditional in-person classroom settings. Many courses are tailored to specific industries, and you can benefit from more one-on-one learning interactions with the instructor. Once you gain your new certification, you can promote yourself to the communities, projects, and employers that are important to you.

Many certificates are achievable within two to four weeks, and you can even apply for most certifications on an open enrollment basis, which means anyone is eligible for the program.

Computer course certifications

If you’re an aspiring software developer or want to refresh your coding skills as a freelancer, a certification in the computer industry is an excellent way to gain value. Here are six integral courses to get started:

Responsive Web Design

Coursera’s Responsive Web Design certification course prepares learners to build websites that change or respond based on a user’s screen size. The course specifically focuses on design elements such as navigation in a responsive web environment.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

This course, offered by freeCodeCamp, uses embedded challenges to teach basic Java skills such as functions, arrays, and assigning variables. Beginning developers might benefit from completing these challenges to earn this certificate.

Python for Everybody

Python for Everybody, developed by the University of Michigan and hosted on Coursera, teaches participants to use Python to program applications and process data in a meaningful way. This course may be useful for professionals learning to program using this language or getting started in data analytics.

Programming for Entrepreneurs

This course, offered via Udemy, provides an overview of HTML and CSS coding. This can be useful for business owners who work with developers and want to know more about the technical aspects of building a website or even entrepreneurs who plan to build their own website.

Associate Android Developer

This Google Developers Certification exam provides a way for entry-level Android developers to demonstrate their competence in writing programs for Android mobile devices. For developers with a basic familiarity with Android programming in Java or Kotlin, it can be a valuable credential that you can use to document your skill.

Professional Cloud Architect Certification

Google’s Professional Cloud Architect Certification teaches the skills needed to make the most of Google’s cloud technology offerings in your own business or organization. Once completed, you’re able to design, build and manage solutions within the cloud to accomplish your business objectives.

Marketing course certifications

The internet is a vital tool to help companies contact new clients. Learn more about new avenues of success with these six key courses:

Advanced Social Media Strategy Certification

This course is offered by Hootsuite, a well-known social media management platform. It teaches participants to leverage specific social media strategy frameworks to benefit their own company or organization and monitor return on investment figures.

The Complete MailChimp Email Marketing Course

This popular Udemy course teaches users how to effectively use the MailChimp email marketing platform to reach their consumer base and grow their contact list. This course might be useful for professionals new to the MailChimp platform or small business owners just getting started with email marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

Offered by UC Davis via the Coursera learning platform, this course teaches users to analyze webpages and make recommendations for how the site owner might want better leverage the algorithm that can help them appear in search engine results. This course might be well suited for someone interested in marketing consulting.

Google Ads certification suite

Professionals who successfully use Google Ads at multiple levels of complexity may be eligible to earn a certificate in one of six areas: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Ads Video, Shopping ads, Google Ads Apps, and Google Ads Measurement. These courses are offered through Google’s Skillshop platform and may be available to certain advanced professionals only.

YouTube Certified

Certain content professionals can access the YouTube Certified course, which teaches creators and influencers to use certain advanced YouTube tools. These courses may benefit individuals who rely on YouTube for their content creation or who work for a YouTube content partner manager.

Digital Marketing Certification

The American Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Certification provides marketing professionals with 30 hours of self-paced material covering content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and other key online marketing concepts such as search engine optimization (SEO). This certification may be useful for professionals looking for a credential to demonstrate their skills.

Business course certifications

Great business classes can be helpful in the workplace and your personal life. Gain new insights into the business process with these six courses:

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

This course, offered by the University of Michigan and hosted by Coursera, teaches the skills individuals need to negotiate successfully in their personal and professional lives. This course might benefit entry-level professionals who want to learn to navigate discussions such as salary negotiations and mid-and senior-level individuals who wish to refresh their understanding of negotiation techniques.

Effective communication skills for business

This highly-rated Udemy course teaches important communication skills in public speaking, writing, and producing media. Since it provides an overview of many communication types and abilities, it may be useful for beginning professionals or more advanced individuals who want to review effective communication principles.

Project Management & Other Tools for Career Development Specialization

This series of courses, prepared by the UCI Division of Continuing Education and provided by Coursera, provides participants with an in-depth exploration of the project management process, including resource allocation and clear communication. This course might be a good choice for an individual interested in the basics of project management and may not yet have experience in the field.

Business Foundations

Coursera’s Business Foundations class teaches business basics such as branding and marketing, budgeting, and team leadership. This course may interest entry-level business professionals or those seeking to change industries into the business field.

Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certification

Offered by the FinMo division of the Corporate Finance Institute, this certification emphasizes the practical implications of financial modeling and analysis. This certificate might be useful for finance professionals interested in earning a credential that covers the scope of financial analysis strategies and techniques.

Key Technologies for Business Specialization

This course, created by IBM and hosted by Coursera, provides an overview of the essential technologies business professionals need to know, including cloud computing, data science, and machine learning or artificial intelligence. This course may be useful for individuals in business who want to understand or leverage these technologies in their own operations.

Health course certifications

With a wide variety of specializations available, the health industry is one of the world’s most expansive and accessible industries. Explore these six unique courses to find out which one is best for you:

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

Created by Stanford and hosted by Coursera, this course provides users with information about personally optimizing their diet to minimize health risks and maximize well-being. Individuals who wish to implement healthy dietary choices in their own lives and those tasked with making health-related decisions for their organization may benefit from this class.

The Business of Health Care Specialization

This course, developed by the University of Pennsylvania and hosted by Coursera, helps users advance their career in healthcare by providing an overview of the economics of the healthcare and insurance industries. Healthcare professionals looking to broaden their understanding of healthcare equality may enjoy this course.

Introduction to Psychology

Yale’s Introduction to Psychology course, offered via Coursera, provides users with a basic overview of the history and most essential elements of the study of psychology. Entry- and mid-level professionals in many fields, including healthcare, may benefit from this course, especially if they frequently interact with the public.

Anatomy Specialization

This course, developed by the University of Michigan and hosted by Coursera, provides users with the basics of human anatomy, including the essential organ systems. It may be of interest to beginning healthcare professionals or individuals considering a career change into the medical field.

AO Certificate in Implant Dentistry

Members of the Academy of Osseointegration can take this course, which certifies their ability in implant dentistry. The certification includes an exam, case presentations, and continuing education.

CDR’s Interdisciplinary Obesity And Weight Management Certification

The Commission on Dietetic Registration offers this certification for dietary professionals to document their ability and commitment to evidence-based, client-focused practices. This certification may be best suited for established professionals in the dietary field.

Education course certifications

Staying informed with the best practices in education is vital to proving value in the workplace. Here are six classes that approach education theory in alternative ways:

Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom

This course is offered by Advancement Courses, a division of Wiley’s educational services. It provides an overview of best practices in serving students with learning disabilities in the classroom. It may be useful for educators who wish to refresh their understanding of inclusive education.

Virtual Teacher Specialization

UCI’s Division of Continuing Education, in partnership with Coursera, uses this course to provide learners with the information they need to teach effectively online. Beginning teachers or those shifting to an online-first classroom format might benefit from this course.

TESOL Certificate, Part 1: Teach English Now! Specialization

Developed by Arizona State University and hosted by Coursera, this course provides users with a basic understanding of best practices in teaching English as a second language. Course concepts include language learning modality, lesson planning, and classroom management.

Scientific Writing and Publishing

The academic journal Nature offers this course to help natural sciences students and professionals develop the skills they need to write for publication. Users will get an overview of the editorial process as well as effective writing strategies.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Created by UC Davis and hosted by Coursera, this course provides learners with an overview of the definition of autism spectrum disorder and its implications for the classroom. This course may be useful for educators who wish to review their understanding of best practices in serving students with an autism spectrum disorder or other support professionals such as paraeducators who may find this information relevant.

Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom

This course, created by the Berklee College of Music and hosted by Coursera, provides an overview of strategies for teaching popular music in school band classrooms. This course may be beneficial for music educators who want to integrate popular music into their classrooms.