Studying at an American university is the dream of thousands of young Brazilians. Such institutions are continually ranked among the best globally, offering a host of tools and resources such as state-of-the-art labs, internships, research opportunities, and even Nobel Prize winners on their faculty.

However, American universities are also known for their high costs,  ​​between 60 and 80 thousand dollars a year. Considering the socioeconomic context of a large part of the Brazilian population, such values ​​become unfeasible.

Knowing this, some institutions offer financial assistance to students. These scholarships can be awarded due to the student’s financial need and/or academic merit and may reach 100% aid ( full-ride scholarship ).

In general, the deadlines for submitting applications are distributed between November and January. Until then, you need to choose from a college list which universities you will send your documents to. If you don’t know what a college list is or still have difficulty understanding some terms of choosing colleges and scholarships, click here and see our article, where we explain everything to you.

Thinking about the demand for this information so crucial to the process of applicants, We from Academics have separated 15 universities that offer scholarships. See below:

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the oldest institutions in the country (founded in 1636) and synonymous with excellence. It is recognized for its teaching quality, opportunities, investments, alumni network (former students), and teacher qualifications.

The university meets all of the proven financial needs of each admitted student. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, very close to the city of Boston. Furthermore, Harvard is part of the select group of universities that are need-blind. This criterion means that officers admissions (admissions officers) will not consider the student’s financial condition during the evaluation of applications (registration).

Yale University

Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The institution is part of the Ivy League group, a collection of eight of the most prestigious educational institutions in the United States. It is frequently ranked as one of the best in the world. In fact, the university has already had 62 professors who have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Your evaluation criteria are also need-blind, meaning your financial condition will not affect your chances of being accepted.

Columbia University

Located in New York, NY, Columbia University was named the third-best university last year by US News rankings. The institution has one of the highest acceptance rates for international students in the country and meets all of the proven financial needs of each admitted student.

Dartmouth College

Also belonging to the Ivy League group, Dartmouth College is located in Hanover, New Hampshire.

The institution has a scholarship called King Scholars, a program that seeks low-income young people from developing countries whose objective is to alleviate poverty. In addition to covering all student education costs, it also provides mentoring and leadership training.

Did you know that one of the Academicians is studying at Dartmouth College on a scholarship? Below is a little bit of what the university represents for Daily and why it was her choice: 

“For me, Dartmouth represents the freedom to be able to study several areas of knowledge simultaneously, with the best professors in each subject. I chose it because of its proximity to nature and the Liberal Arts model, which focuses more on the student’s personal development than on his conditioning for a single job market sector. Furthermore, the best part of the faculty is the diversity of its students, who come from different countries and bring their different cultures and points of view with them”.

Amherst College

Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, Amherst College is known as one of the best Liberal Arts in the United States. The institution meets all of the proven financial needs of each admitted student. Amherst does not require students to take out student loans as part of their financial aid.

Did you know that one of the Academic Project members studies at Amherst College on a scholarship? Below is a speech by Guilherme about the university:

 “Entering Amherst was becoming part of a big family, full of people so different, but at the same time, so like me.”

Williams College

According to US News, Williams College has named the top Liberal Arts institution in 2020. It is located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and ranks among universities that meet all of the needs of admitted students.

Applying to smaller liberal arts colleges, such as Williams College, is an amazing tactic to secure a long-awaited place in the United States. Still, many say otherwise ! During this walk, some common senses that arise more hinder than help. Therefore, we recommend that you access our text about some myths about the application process. Just click here.

Northwestern University

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University is a renowned North American research and teaching university. Reference in the fields of journalism, political science, and psychology. The institution also meets all of the proven financial needs of admitted students.

It is worth mentioning that, for consecutive years, Brazilians have been approved in Northwestern with a 100% scholarship.

Princeton University

According to the ranking released by US NEWS, Princeton University was considered the best university in the United States in 2020, ahead of institutions such as Harvard and Stanford. Having even had Albert Einstein on its faculty, the university is recognized for its excellence in courses, especially biological sciences and applied mathematics.

Princeton employs the need-blind criterion. This allows students, regardless of their financial condition, to have the same chance of being admitted, as this factor will not impact the assessment.

Stanford University

Located in Palo Alto, California, Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Close to Silicon Valley, the institution witnessed the rise of large technology companies such as Google. 

The institution meets the financial needs of every admitted student. In addition, it has an extensive Brazilian community with examples of students on full scholarships.

Duke University

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University has an excellent teaching experience, mainly in natural and exact sciences courses. The institution meets all of the proven financial needs of each admitted student.

There’s also a scholarship called the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, which targets young leaders who strive to make transformative contributions to society. This scholarship covers tuition, housing, and full meals fees. In addition, it provides funding for up to three summer experiences. The winners usually demonstrate leadership, intellectual curiosity, the strength of character, and collaborative spirit.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

For years at a time, MIT has been considered the best institution of higher education in the world in the exact sciences and engineering sectors. The institute is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just minutes away from the Harvard University campus. He is also part of the group of institutions that have the need-blind evaluation criteria.

Looking for a good study platform for exams? Like MIT, other colleges on this list are quite competitive to enter. Therefore, getting good grades in the official exams (SAT, ACT, and TOEFL) is one of the factors that can make your profile stand outAccess our text and get to know Khan Academy

Tufts University

Located in Medford, Massachusetts, Tufts University is home to the oldest graduate school of International Relations in the United States. The institution meets 100% of the financial needs of the admitted student. In recent years, the Early Decision 2 application modality (application period that precedes the regular one) has proven to be an excellent option to increase the chances of being accepted with a full scholarship.

Gabriel Cunha, a member of Academics, studies at Tufts. When asked what the university means to him, Gabriel indicated:

“Studying at Tufts made me feel at home, even though I was outside Brazil, combining academic rigor with an eccentric and intellectually diverse community.” 

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, located in Chicago, Illinois, ranks among the best higher education institutions in the country. Carl Sagan, the renowned scientist in astronomy and astrophysics, is one of the best-known ex-students of UChicago. The institution meets the financial needs of all admitted.

For those who are in their second year at UChicago, there is a merit scholarship called Stamps Scholarship. It covers tuition, fees, housing, and a $10,000 fund.

University of Richmond

Located in Richmond, Virginia, the University of Richmond is a Liberal Arts institution of excellence in higher education. 

The institution offers a merit scholarship called Richmond Scholars, covering tuition, room, board, and mentoring fees. In addition, it offers $3000 in funding, priority course registration, and tickets to cultural events at the Modlin Center for the Arts. Selection is based on several factors: engagement and commitment to discovering new knowledge, leadership skills, service, enthusiasm for learning from different people, and artistic talent.

All university applicants who apply by December 1st will be considered for the scholarship. A maximum of 25 prizes is awarded each year.

Wellesley College

Located in Massachusetts, Wellesley College is recognized as one of the top Women’s Colleges in the United States. The institution has limited funds, and therefore only a small number of students receive scholarships close to 100%. However, all students who are accepted will have their financial needs met. In recent years, young Brazilians received a 100% scholarship.

Did you know that one of the Academics Project members studies at Wellesley College on a scholarship? Here is an excerpt from Maria Vitória about what is the best part of the university for her:

“The best part of my university is having the best of both worlds: having classes with very few people in Wellesley’s Liberal Arts style, and accessing research and academic opportunities from major Research Universities in the United States through our cross-registering with MIT! ”


The possibility of receiving a scholarship is one of the most important factors when searching for the ideal university. Now that you know 15 of them that offer financial assistance take some action about it: 

  • Check out the website of each of them. Through it, you can check application deadlines and information about financial materials, such as income tax, payslip, among others, in addition to being familiar with how it works ;
  • If you are on a gap year ( gap year ), plan to contemplate your application processRead our guidance article on this by clicking here.

Applying to American universities requires a lot of self-knowledge to make choices that value your identification with the desired institutions. This 15-option guide is a light to help you integrate into this world but many other colleges across the country. The tip is: don’t limit yourself! Keep following Academics for more information. 

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